eksodikastikos simvivasmos,εξωδικαστικόσ συμβιβασμόσ, εξωδικαστικοσ συμβιβασμοσ με τραπεζα,

Out-of-Court Compromise


The out-of-court compromise is a parameter that includes red loans and which in its present form has to do with regulating the debts of a business, whether it is about the private sector or the public sector.

In fact, it is a process of searching for viable businesses or prospective companies that are part of the out-of-court compromise, on the one hand, will continue to operate, and on the other hand they will enter into a feasible process for repaying their creditors wherever they belong.

Out-of-court compromise is, in our view, a very specific outlet, a way that has serious demands and does not forgive the mistake.

Out-of-court compromise is not a process that can be canceled, repented or even diversified, but leads to a series of commitments that must be complied with.

At this point Businessview comes with modern financial and commercial tools to evaluate and lead the customer to the right decision.

Her colleagues present the whole set of parameters that objectively can lead to making the most advantageous decision for the company and the entrepreneur.

In order to achieve this goal, our company implements a snapshot of the current situation, but also provides a comprehensive study of future years with a view to security in the long term.

Businessview and its partners implement the EXCLUSIVE CONFLICT to all its requirements but evaluate it before it does and if it suits the company concerned.



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